The Free Life

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

It is a wonderful thing

When you make that choice,

That change in lifestyle.

You are granted a beautiful freedom

When you stop living for yourself –

Trying to gain “self-love” through the world, and, well, yourself.

When you decide to do life for the sake

Of God

And others.

His burden replaces all others,

And wow,

It is amazing

Just how light it is!


A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

Why do I do it?

I trip.

I fall.

I know pavement like a close friend.

Pavement is painful.

My legs are littered with bruises and scrapes

from tricks failed.

So why?

Its exhilerating,

And addicting,

going at speeds

that send my nerves tingling

and shouts of glee

to arise from my throat.

Performing tricks

only possible

on a board.

It forces me

to step out of my comfort zone

and push past my limits,

and to try

and try again

when a trick goes wrong.

Most of all,

It teaches me to get back up again

even after some of my worst falls.

It is my Freedom.

And my Escape.