Summer Nights

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

There is no better feeling than sitting around the fire with friends on a cool summer’s eve.

Laughter in the air, smiles on all our faces as we lift the slick glass bottles of pop to our lips.

Lounging in chairs of all shapes and sizes, some sitting much too low to be comfortable, spraying bug spray and cooking Nathan’s over the flames.

The only light provided by the stars in the sky and the fire in the middle of our circle.

My mind focused on the here and now, blissfully content with the people I love.

Nothing is better than this.


A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

The sun is cruel and it is kind.

It makes me feel alive and at times dead.

It fills me with warmth on windy days,

A delightful reprieve from cold

That reigned for so long.

It forces the water out

To cling to my skin

Bringing a flush to my cheeks

And to see green where it does not exist.

It makes my work hard

And my rest at times full of both happiness and loathing.

Some days, I am grateful for the sun.

Some days, I am grateful for the clouds.