Standing On The Heights

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

Have you ever

had this feeling?

A sense

of overwhelming alarm


a feeling of weightlessness

as you look below

at the empty expanse

looming beneath your toes.

As if one simple gust of wind

Could knock you off your feet

As if no matter what you do

You can’t latch on.

A constant dizziness

Teetering off the edge.

Almost like,

the only thing

To do

Is to be in it.

That sea of nothing

it calls to you

pulls at you.

The wind its accomplice

it tugs seductively at your hair,

your clothes

Filling your ears

Drawing you near

Begging you to come closer

To step into the azure

Step into its embrace

Become one with the sky

that vault of heaven.

But no.

You step back,

step away

from that tantalizing voice

Because you know

you are not a bird

you don’t have wings

And you’d rather not die today.

Even though,

the excitement,

the lure of the blue

Calls to you

as you return to the ground

To safety

Once again

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