Vessel To Home

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

I visit the stream behind my house every day.

After the monotony of the stifled room of orderly rows

It is a blessed escape to the forgiveness of nature.

It is a place where I am free to dream.

One day a boat joined me on that stream.

Simple and old and wooden

It bobbed against the current.

What held it in its place I could not see or know.

Weeks passed and it remained

As if waiting for me alone to step into its hold.

So I did.

As I settled into the bench it broke away from the bank and carried me down the stream

Behind my house and far away from home.

On the way to my unknown destination I saw wonders.

Wonders of Dreams.

Covered on both sides by dense foliage

The outside world was non-exsistent.

Roars of the fair and wise

And whispers of the brave and merciful rustled in the trees and splashed through the water

And I know not how long I traveled

Though when my vessel finally bumped to a stop against the bank

It felt like forever and not.

Where my transport had taken me

Was an enchanted place

That all my instruction has deemed impossible.

I laughed at the fantasy of it

But even when my simple boat took me back to my house

It always returned

And I always went away with it

Far away from and to my home.

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