Secluded Light

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

A square of yellow against the blue

A combination pleasing to the eye

And a bit of light to stand out in the dark –

A bit of life in a town asleep.

What could that mysterious stranger be doing

On the other side of that window-glass

So late at night?



Pondering life?

Or plotting murder?

They are awake

At a dangerous hour

They are alone in a quiet night

Seeing the world with open eyes

When everyone else’s are closed.

I wonder

What keeps them awake?

What do they see?

And I desire

This rebelliousness

This revolution against the dying of the day.

And I want to be in that room

And know that stranger’s purpose

And be a part of this secret they live

Even if,

In reality,

They don’t want to be in it themselves.

Do they know?

That whatever they feel,

Whether loneliness or something other,

It is a feeling romanticized and lusted for –

A story unknown

and forever untold.

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