The Upside Down House

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

Inside the strange uneven house

Tourists come and go

To witness the upset gravity

Held inside this place outside of time

And unknown to the known physical realms.

They never stay for long

Exploring the strange interiors with wonder

And leaving without complaint within the hour

To go back to the world

Where feet walk the ground instead of the ceiling.

One day, a girl and boy walk in,

Siblings close in age,

Pasts known to only each other.

As they look around and explore

The girl takes comfort in the horizontal stairs

and the chairs on the wall.

The boy finds solace in the water running through things instead of around

And the tilt of the ceiling that forever pulls bodies at an angle.

With a quick glance easily interpreted, they know they feel the same about the upside down house.

But at the end of the day they walk out like everyone else,

Reluctantly so,

Because the night had come

And the Upside Down house is not open all day.

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