A truth Subjective

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

If there is no Truth

And the only real kind of truth is subjective –

no longer objective –

Bias doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as a ‘false’ narrative,

So Rush Limbaugh is just as good a historian

As any leftist one.

Police officer Johnathan Mattingly’s book is as accurate as any other narrative

because it is his truth,

So why shouldn’t it be published?

And if someone says that the aliens helped build the pyramids,

The rest of us can not question them,

Because by all means they are right

For that is their truth.

If Jack the Ripper believed what he was doing to those women was deserved –

justified, even –

then that is his truth

and he should not be considered criminal at all

for a person’s truth should never be questioned or persecuted –

It is as valid as anyone else’s.

And if Epstein was found guilty in every way

Other than his word,

but he says he is innocent,

Then he is innocent,

Because that is his truth.

It seems this new use of the word ‘truth’ would be more accurately defined as opinion. And opinon, by definition, is not truth. Until proven.

truth is not Truth.

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