Nazis In America

An essay by Isabelle Sorrells

Over-population, climate change, and the oppression of individuals (especially children) who are in the wrong bodies with the wrong body parts: these are the real-world problems of today that deserve a solution. Or so they are in the world of propaganda and the narratives of democratic and even republican bureaucrats and politicians, all interconnected in a century-old web of affiliations, organizational memberships, deceit, misdirection, and the promise of a better world. But a better world for who?

The answer to this question and the origin behind it can be traced to the evolutionists, Darwinists, and euthanasiasts many centuries ago, all mixed up to create Eugenics. We can see this ideology fully carried out during World War II as a part of what we all know as the Nazis, T4, and the Holocaust. The Nazis did not come up with this, in fact eugenics was active in many other countries all over the world at the same time and before. However, because of the political turmoil, oppression, and war going on in Germany at that time, eugenics thrived.

But what is eugenics? There are many different definitions, but all essentially say the same thing. Eugenics is “the science of the improvement of the human race by better breeding… (Davenport)” or, “the science which deals with all the influences that improve all the inborn qualities of a race; also with those that develop them to the utmost advantage (Galton)”. This removed from jargon means, the elimination of those who create and harbor ‘unhealthy’ qualities to prevent them from spreading into an unhealthy generation while encouraging the procreation of those who are ‘healthy’ for a healthier generation.

In other words, all ‘unclean’ races and ‘useless’ people must be exterminated in order to free those who are clean, strong, and useful members of society of their burdens. The making of a dominant, singular, perfect society. This was Hitler’s main purpose, to eliminate the Jewish people and anyone else who was deemed unclean, unworthy of life, and a burden to the ‘higher Aryan race’.

Bernhard Schreiber did an excellent job pointing out and explaining this society’s history and actions during World War II in his book The Men Behind Hitler: A German Warning to The World as best he could. One of the things the Nazis (and eugenicists) were good at was keeping secrets, and they have made all their information and tracks nearly impossible to find. In this book he maps out what can be found about their methods, T4 – the program and source of orders they all worked for under numerous shell organizations, the people involved, and most importantly, what happened to them when the war ended.

Many of these people were tracked down, brought to justice during the Nuremburg Trials, committed suicide, or were (most often) killed by their own, especially when they outlived their usefulness or got to the point when they knew too much. But those who did survive changed tactics. “During the war the name of Eugenics became even more heavily associated with the Nazis and consequently afterwards a whitewashing procedure began… (Schreiber page 58).” They scattered and they changed names and moved their operations into the background to not attract too much negative attention. “…yesterday’s euthanasiasts became today’s Mental Healthists. Some of them kept their membership card of the Eugenics Society others let it drop, but didn’t forget its ideals (Bernhard Schreiber page 62)”.   

Schreiber goes on to detail and trace the same people and the same ideals from the Eugenics Program in Germany during World War II to the British National Association for Mental Health, the Mental Hygiene movement from the 20’s, and the (PAMH) Provisional Association for Mental Health (which is an association of a bunch of different organizations merged into one). A few name changes later the PAMH became known as the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH), with the purpose of establishing similar groups and related propaganda in many countries throughout the world.

 “The first elected president of the WFMH… Dr. John Rawlings Rees… details a plan whereby each mental hygienist operates as a lone-agent, constantly feeding propaganda to private individuals and groups without naming the Mental Hygiene movement as the true sponsor. He asks that constant propaganda be fed to and pressure put on: Universities, Educational Establishments, Medicine, Press, Parliament, Magazines and Weeklies, Literary figures, Film makers, medical students, civil servants and trades union leaders. To obtain the goals of the Mental Hygiene movement, without the movement ever being named (Schreiber page 60).”

Schreiber wrote this book in the 1970s, so he could only provide how this organization was working back then in its clandestine works and words. It was very clear back then that the ideals and programs these people were pushing were the same as they had been back during World War II, and they are still the same today, if not even more blatant with the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the movements that have come with it.

T-4 and the euthanasiasts would fulfill the extermination of “life unworthy life” through their concentration camps, gas chambers, and many sickening and completely inhuman ways. But they also would enforce sterilization, rarely (if at all) voluntary, to keep people from having children and continuing families that were a burden to society. They would also euthanize those they determined were burdensome and had lives that were unfit. This included mental patients and the terminally ill or those with birth defects, or other infirmities acquired throughout their lives. Many of the disabled German soldiers who survived the front lines didn’t survive their own country.

Determining who would be given these mercy deaths was done by briefly reviewing questionnaires by the thousands to see if the person met the requirements. No in-person meetings were involved. To pay for the cost of the deaths of these people, bills were sent to their relatives – the reason for the cost was not provided. Euthanasia was considered a mercy death, and this was reserved for other Germans. Anyone of Jewish descent was considered unworthy of such a “blessed release from their sufferings” and was sent to the death camps.  

While not to the extent the Nazis took it, the methods of eugenicists in America of today come close. It may look different, but the goals, ideals, and intentions are the same. And they are everywhere. But how do you find them? You look at the language they use, the methods they prefer, what they believe and why, and the results of their works and policies.

One method one can recognize most obviously is sterilization and abortion, which are both procedures created by eugenicists. Both methods of such birth control, no matter who implements and pushes it – whether outwardly for or against eugenics – furthers the eugenic agenda. Birth control itself is a word and idea that has been created by and furthers the eugenic movement. Sterilization completely prevents the “lesser races” and “life unworthy life” from producing more of their kind, and abortion kills people before they can become these things.

Planned Parenthood, for example, while it recently denounced their founder Margret Sanger and her eugenic ideology, continues to perform and utilize Margaret Sanger’s beliefs and methods in the push of abortion and birth control. Other than denouncing her and what she believed, Planned Parenthood has done nothing to change anything else with their company. They have only eliminated their connection with the name, which has become taboo and bad for business with its relation to the word racism in the public mind. They have used her name as a scapegoat to separate themselves as much as possible from the idea of eugenics (a.k.a. racism) as the public has seen it, even though their methods continue to be based upon it.

Another Eugenic supporting group would be the over-populationists, or those who believe the world will end because there are too many people. This belief is inherently a eugenic founded ideology, and many who one finds preaching over-population are also believers of the eugenic ‘science’.

We recognize that eugenics is there, but we must also recognize that not only is it evil, it is also wrong. In arguments for over-population, the common phrase is ‘there are too many of us – too many people’. How do they know this? Their evidence is starvation, disease, climate change, pollution, child labor, short life-spans, and death.

While these people demand solutions for this problem with worldwide sex education as well as contraceptives (Planned Parenthood in a nutshell), they are really the ones causing the problems, not all of civilization. They all live in cities and want everyone else in cities too. Anyone who lives in a city will think the world is overcrowded. I have driven across the eastern United States top to bottom three times now, and I was astonished with how much empty space there was, and many towns I saw were decrepit and had populations under 200. Would it not be better for the climate then, (if climate change were truly an issue) if people spread out so that waste was no longer concentrated in large amounts and such small areas?

But populationists (and other politically correct politicians and bureaucrats) want people in cities and believing climate change is true because people are easier to control when they are all in one place and reliant on one source for their needs, resources, and education. And when they are helping to make the problem but told to solve it without directly addressing the source of the problem, it’s something for them to do. Wouldn’t you call that busy work?

As for over population as the cause of death and disease, these people forget that is all the result of humanity itself, purely and simply the human condition, not too much humanity. Then we go into the people who don’t like humans in general (who fit into both previously discussed ideologies and more i.e. transhumanists), and frame such ‘issues’ in a way to get everyone else to agree with them in order to get the population to get rid of itself intentionally. It’s subversive suicide – in a sense. Murder, genocide, racism, is this all starting to sound similar? But I digress.

Land is not for want. Good governmental policies are. The governmental policies that we have now are some of the very things that make us think over population is a real problem to begin with. Consider the implementation of full employment bills, particularly against the far better alternative of full production bills. You may have seen these also as “spread the work” initiatives. In summary, these bills encourage work on unnecessary, government-created projects to ensure everyone has a job, while taking away opportunity for those who need a job to work on things that are necessary and are created by an in-demand public. It is a very socialistic device that works completely against a capitalist founded society and totally ignores the reality of supply and demand.

But how does this work for the eugenicists? When people aren’t creating things the rest of society need, (i.e. food, houses, goods, services, inventions) production goes down, prices go up, people are fed less, and the supply chain is entirely screwed up. In countries where these bills are their entire economic system, they are devastatingly poor and rely heavily on child labor – which populationists believe (or create narratives that) is because they have too many people, but it’s really because of their top-down economic and governmental systems.

These policies and bills create more control for the government and more conditions to support the claim that over population is a real-world problem that requires real world time, attention, and solutions. In the end, as more mouths to feed come into the world, more hands to work come with them. Those hands will work to help feed those mouths, and when those hands also work to help feed others, that is when our society becomes rich and develops advancements one can only imagine. But this only happens when it is voluntary and when the system works for the people instead of the people for the system.

Free-market capitalism knows this fundamental truth and is one of the only systems out there which allows it to operate so freely. But those people who believe and push eugenic ideologies and policies are the same people that push for top-down style economies and governments. These types of governments (communism, fascism, socialism) view the people as useless masses that are only there to serve the state (or, the higher races), not the other way around. So of course, these people will advocate for the elimination of unneeded people, because they don’t see that all life is sacred even if it doesn’t directly serve them.  

Another movement that so happens to further the eugenic ideology is LGBTQ+, particularly in the push of making transgenderism available to everyone. It’s simple when you think about it really. Kids specifically are being targeted right now to ‘help them discover who they are in their gender identity’. But the reality is kids are discovering who they are in life and in soul. This is a time when humans are most gullible and impressionable in the entire lifespan of humanity. They don’t know what is best for them so they will accept whatever it is they’re told. So of course, if you tell a little girl that she is really a boy trapped in a girl’s body, she’ll believe you, just as she would believe you if you told her there was a monster hanging out in her closet at night.

Even if you believe transgenderism is real, when you force it on these kids you are essentially making the decision for them when later in life they will be more likely to regret it – if, that is, they ever learn to think for themselves. Kids aren’t allowed to vote or get tattoos because that is a permanent decision and the part of their brains that can make those decisions hasn’t developed yet. So why would we let kids choose to change their genders for the rest of their lives? They will never reproduce, and their bodies will never fully develop like they should, making them permanently children mentally and physically.

Even when looking at the oppressive push of other gay rights across the board, one realizes that if everyone is gay (like the LGBTQ+ movement would like it to be), couples can’t make babies on their own. How do they get children then? Through controlled systems. Just the way eugenicists like it. The entire movement is based on the destruction of family.

It is a form of population-control and sterilization. If a child who was born with sperm suddenly has their hormones permanently altered and their sperm-transporting genitalia cut off, it doesn’t matter if that person is now a ‘girl’, they cannot reproduce like a man anymore, and there is no way they can reproduce like a woman. The same goes for women who turn into men. This is the destruction of humanity as we know it.

These are just a few examples of eugenics in control of our society. There are so many more; transhumanists, the meeting of the 300, education, specific politicians, our government (NSSM-200), foreign economic aid (how that aid is being used), Progressivism (the progression of humanity to ‘the best we can be’), Evolutionists, vaccination (in connection with sterilization), and more.

The American public needs to clear the fog we have voluntarily clouded our eyes with and pay attention to the country. Our country. The reason these people have been able to root themselves so deeply in our culture and lives is because no one sees them – not for who they really are. But we must do more than just see them, we must put an end to their evil.

Eugenics is not the end all be all reason for all that is evil in this world and in our country. But it is a cause for a lot of those that are evil, and it is the motive behind many of their horrible deeds and movements. We must protect ourselves and our children and preserve our freedom for our generations. Because that is what is at risk here. Our freedom to live. The weed of eugenics has invaded the garden of the United States and the world, selling us the lie of a better future without us realizing that better future is only for those of a certain hereditary line. For us to yank out this parasite and win back our garden we are going to have to dig deep.  

Check out further reading and videos in my sources page titled; Nazis in America – Essay Sources.

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