My Favorite Color

Poem and Image by Isabelle Sorrells

My favorite is a field of hay during golden hour,

Or the leaves as the sun shines through the trees above,

Or the immense electric fluffy clouds between storms.

I love the sky against fields of dry grass or behind the H-E-B store mid-day,

The clear waters of glacier lakes from a land that continues on,

And Coca-Cola bottles or a neon bar sign against the dark.

My hearts skips a beat when I see the the undefinable reflections of sunset,

And at the streaks of shadow so prominently broken up through the shades.

I will never get over – let alone used to – the speckled sky at night.

And there is just something about the late afternoon light against my backyard fence that pulls me into other places and lulls me into an understanding of the need for siestas.

I have certain favorites, but really, it’s the way they reflect into my eyes and meld into the world around them that make me love them so.

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