Photo and poem by Isabelle Sorrells

Salty sweat dripping down necks

And sticky lemon flavor dripping down hands.

Splashes of water and laughter,

The hungry aroma of meat on the grill,

The sound of man-made thunder in explosive beauty across the sky.

Heat so heavy the world quiets,

Feet prints in the sand,

Volleyballs and Frizz-bees in the air,

The hum of speed beneath bare feet.

Burning slides and lifeguards,

Late nights,

Films and cars.

Loved company,

Smiles as bright as the star of heat above,

Hiking boots on dirt-trod paths,

Sun slaps and sun kisses and sun tattoos,

Aloe and sunglasses.

As contentedly tired as the sun when it goes down

And as excited to get tired again when it comes up.

Family sunsets and family dinners,

Bonfires and adventures.

This is the season of sunshine. This is the season of smiles. This is the season of happiness.

This is summer.

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