I Thank God

A poem and prayer by Isabelle Sorrells

I thank God.

I thank Him for the opportunities to grow, to love,

To learn and to live.

I thank Him for life,

For getting me here, and never leaving me,

I thank Him for lifting me up and giving me salvation in His light –

For filling me with His peace and contentment

And for always waiting for me with open arms when I stray away.

I thank Him for my country and freedom,

My home, my sustenance, and adornments,

And all the things I do not deserve to have, yet He blesses me with everyday.

But most of all,

I thank Him,

I thank God,

For my Friends

And my Family.

With all my heart I thank Him.

They are my treasure

And I will store them all up in heaven.

And I don’t deserve them either.

Thank you, God,

For being the only God,

And My God too.

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