You Are For Me

A poem by Isabelle Sorrells

I am yours God!

God, I am yours!

Who would I be without you?

Nothing and no one.

You bring me existance,

And seeing you,

I am at peace once again.

I may feel lost and failed to you

But that is only to me.

Truly you are here,

You are with me.

This body of mine

Cannot survive without you in me.

You gave me what I answer to

You keep my chest rising in the night

And in the morning you give my feet direction and my hands creation.

You are my daybreak, Lord.

You are my beauty,

You are my wisdom.

All that I love is you, Lord.

I am crazy for you, Lord.

Even when I am not

You are for me.

Who knows how long this will last?

It may not even when I wake,

But I know you will, Lord.

You always will.

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